Fuel injector service injector service form
We specialize in marine applications and service all makes of side & top feed fuel injectors including direct injection models.
Complete Cape Fuel Injector Service:
- Flow Test (before) assess function of injectors pre-cleaning
- Replace basket filters, o-rings, & pintle caps
- Resistance (ohms) Test check electrical health of injector
- Leakage Test evaluate injectors for leaks of any type
- Spray Pattern Observation - verify complete atomization of fuel
- Cleaning ultrasonic fuel injector cleaning
- Flow Test (after) 3 tests are performed post-cleaning and results ...averaged to ensure proper volume of fuel dispensed
- Report - injectors are returned with a complete service report including performance upon arrival and after cleaning
Flow test before and after CFI service note decreased fuel use
Symptoms of fuel injector issues: - Increased fuel consumption
- Hard to start
- Poor engine performance (rough running, cylinder
misfire, failure to achieve full power, etc.)
Pricing: TOP FEED $25/injector
SIDE FEED $35/injector
THROTTLE BODY $40/injector
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